Data Protection is an essential component of an effective IT strategy. Our solutions cover all aspects of storage, including backup, recovery, archiving, business continuity and data security.
Working with technology from the world's leading vendors, RALLITON delivers a range of highly flexible, available and secure data storage platforms to our customers.
We enable our customers to reduce risk, cut costs and most importantly, deliver improved services.

Let RALLITON eliminate the complexity and data bottlenecks in heterogeneous environments to improve collaboration. Build a multiprotocol environment that performs for all your requirements.

You probably have a variety of platforms, with a need to support a mix of UNIX, Windows®, and Linux environments, driven by a requirement for your software and applications. To support different platforms, you might be using protocol emulation products such as SAMBA, NFS Maestro, or PC-NFS, which increase complexity and maintenance overhead. And, by introducing another layer of software into the data path, these emulation products might also significantly decrease performance, slowing the flow of critical data to developers and reducing productivity.

With our Unified storage solutions you can simplify complex, heterogeneous environments. Unlike other storage systems, RALLITON solutions support all the common NAS and SAN protocols from a single platform. Windows network clients access network storage by using CIFS, while Linux and UNIX clients use NFS to access the same files.

Because the same storage system can also support a Fibre Channel or iSCSI SAN in addition to NAS protocols, your overall environment is simple and fast. Because RALLITON solutions are flexible, you need fewer storage systems, and you get more from each system deployed.